How To Propagate Cordylines (Ti Plants)


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I bought one of these years ago and read the directions… so of course now I am an expert.


Ti Plant Cutiings

I have tried different methods of propagation but I prefer their method because it seems to be the fastest way to get a plant growing. First of course you mutilate some ti plants by cutting them… (of course the plant will grow right back).


Ti Tops

If I’m going chop down one of my plants, I want to get the most plants out of them! First I cut off the tops and leave enough stalk to put in a vase.


Ti Cuttings

First I put the large one in a tub of water…


Ti Arrangement

Then I make a nice arrangement with the smaller ones so I can enjoy them while they sprout some roots!


Cut Logs

Then I cut the stalks into smaller “logs.”


Tis in Jar

Sometimes I simply put the logs upright in a jar… the water should be changed every few days…


Ti Logs in Tray

Or if I want to try to get the most number plants out of them, I lay them down in a tray. This method requires more maintenance because the water lever needs to consistently cover half of the logs, leaving the tops exposed to the air. When you change the water you should make sure the same side is turned up… keeping the same dry side up and the same wet side down.


Princess Leisha

Here is a Princess Leisha I put in some water about a couple of weeks ago.


Healthy Ti Roots

Time for planting!



Dean’s prefered soil…


Ti Plant

When you pot up a cordyline it is always good to bury a lot of the stalk so it can grow even more roots for a strong root system.


Ti Plants

The newly potted Princess Leisha is pale from being indoors, soon it will look just like the one next to it… There is an easier method that we use occasionally. Mainly for tis we that have a lot of… we cut off the top and and stick it into the ground. Sometimes it takes a while for them to get going.


Upright Log

Here is a log that has been soaking upright for a few weeks…


Ti Roots

I’m going to wait for more roots. I will post an update of those other logs as soon as something happens! 😀


Ti Seed Sprouts

Oh boy!! I can’t wait!!!


Ti Log Sprouting

Signs of life!!


Ti Sprouts

Signs of life!!


Ti Rooting

Signs of life!!


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