Garden of Dr. Mardy Darian

Sep 26, 2015Gardens, Zone Pushing1 comment


The late Mardy Darian was a true plant pioneer. (A short tribute to Mardy) He wasn’t content with the ordinary, and sought out the exotic and rare plants from far away places that he believed he could grow in the dry marginal climate of Southern California.

He believed that with sufficient canopy and biomass an area could be transformed into a different microclimate – one that was warmer and humid enough to allow many tropical species to live. His many travels to Madagascar are legendary, and they paved the way for many others to discover and to make available many new species to our gardens. Such efforts have assured that some of these species will never be lost to cultivation despite the loss of their native habitat in Madagascar.

Below is a copendium of photos and panoramas of his Vista Garden. The Panoramas are a 3D-360º Virtual Hi-Def Tour that you control. View up/down, left/right, or zoom in/out. The Gallery contains photos from one of Mardy’s rare open house tours for the Palm Society of Southern California. Not known at the time was how soon thereafter Mardy would pass away. As you can see, the garden was magnificent despite his advanced age and declining health. And in the middle of a gripping California drought there was a record breaking summer rain, complete with thunder and lightening, that added to the tropical ambience – making for a magical day to showcase his life’s work. I’m sure everyone who attended will never forget. (The Galley Photos are by A. Pilve © 2015) Thanks Ando.



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